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Resident Services


To pay online or submit a maintenance request, visit your tenant portal. To have a portal Welcome email sent to you, contact your property manager.

Renters Rebate Program:

  • Are you interested in purchasing a home? If you rent through Zaran Sayre & Associates and purchase a home with one of our RE/Max Keystone Realty brokers, we will provide a Cash Rebate to you at the time of closing! Twenty Percent (20%) of the commission due to us will be directly applied to reduce your closing costs. All you need to do is contact our office to speak with one of our RE/Max Keystone Realty brokers, and let them know you are one of our residents. 

The after hours phone line is reserved for EMERGENCIES ONLY. An emergency is defined as Fire, Flood, or Lack of Heat/Water. If appropriate please contact your local emergency services before notifying us ie. 911. If you need assistance but it is not an emergency please email your property manager.

Emergency After Hours Phone Number   206-709-1299