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Association Management

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We have a team of Association Management Experts, who have cut costs for many associations and solved problems that appeared impossible. We’ve worked through fire damage, water problems, and mold issues. We have the experience and the resources at our disposal to ensure your property values will be maintained.

We offer expert guidance and direction for your Board of Directors, committees, onsite staff, vendors, and homeowners.

In addition, our affiliation with Community Association Institute has made contacts and services available to us that would not otherwise be locally available.


We offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Condominium document review
  • Financial Management
  • General Administration
  • Property Management (buildings & grounds)
  • Condominium Records Management
  • Budgets – Assessments – Collections
  • Risk Management & Insurance

Meet our Association Team Leaders

Jason Drengson

I have been a successful Real Estate Agent and Association Manager since 2001. I work with all Associations from large to small. They include Home Owner Associations, Condominiums, and Town Homes. I strive to tailor the needs of eacAssociation to its community owners and the Board of Directors that serves them. At Zaran Sayre and Associates, we believe in building strong relationships with the owners and all those affiliated with them. We feel one of the most important things we can do is to help manage communities to work together to protect, maintain and enhance them at the most reasonable price. This attracts quality new owners who continue to improve the neighborhood. We offer you full time management service with the understanding that we will work together to supply your needs at the most reasonable cost.I would be happy to provide you with a more detailed Management Proposal suited to your needs. Please feel free to call or email me at any time. Association Management requires specialized training and superb communication skills. Jason and his team have been very successful in helping boards meet their goals.

Below is a general list of what we will provide to your community:
Financial Management: (Accounting Department)
  • Collect and input all homeowner dues to a backed up computer hard drive
  • Pay Association invoices
  • Prepare financial statements (including courtesy return envelope)
  • Copy all checks and invoices for yearly recap
  • Maintain complete and accurate records of all financial transactions

Administration: (Property Manager)

  •  Supervise licensed/bonded contractors; Solicit bid proposals for major repairs 
  •  Provide a Pro-active approach to repairs and upkeep of all common area
  •  Respond to emergency situations 24/7
  •  Maintain Master Property Insurance
  • Notify Board of Directors and work with collection of delinquencies
  • Authorize payment of monthly repairs and invoices
  • Compile and mail Monthly Treasurer’s Report of all paid invoices
  • Maintain a high interest in community involvement and neighborhood networking
  • Attend Board meetings and annual meeting as scheduled
  • Prepare and distribute meeting agenda and accompanying materials
  • Maintain up-to-date list of owners and residents and contact information
  • Prepare Resale Certificates/packets for sales/escrow/title/refinancing (fee paid by requester)
  • Advise owners of House Rules and their enforcement using Bylaw guidelines


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